Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Today's Question: Favorite Authors. Who do you have named in your LT account as favorite authors? Why did you choose them? How many people share your choices? Can you share a picture of one of them?

Listed as my favorite authors on Librarything are: Anne Brashares, Daniel Clowes, Roald Dahl, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Malcolm Gladwell, Jhumpa Lahiri, Audrey Niffenegger, J. K. Rowling, Adrian Tomine (pictured), Chris Ware

I picked Anne Brashares because I love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, Daniel Clowes for Ghost World and Ice Haven among other graphic novels, Roald Dahl for Matilda and The Witches, F. Scott Fitzgerald for The Great Gatsby, Malcolm Gladwell for The Tipping Point and Blink, Jhumpa Lahairi for The Namesake, Audrey Niffenegger for The Time Traveler's Wife, J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter Series, Adrian Tomine for his comics Optic Nerve, and Chris Ware for Acme Novelty Library #18.

I share a ton of favorites with others, with one user I share 5: Daniel Clowes, Roald Dahl, Audrey Niffenegger, Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware. I see a pattern of three cartoonists/illustrators/graphic novelists.

I haven't updated my favorite authors probably since a year or so ago. But that's ok they are still my favorites, I should just probably add some.

Do we share any favorites?

You may notice I'm posting this rather early in the day for me. I got myself a half day at work, I'm off to get some cavities filled :(


  1. Ah poor you - hope the dentist visit is not too painful!

  2. We don't share any favorites, but I know Lahiri is going to go on my favorites list as soon as I read Unaccustomed Earth!

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I am so impressed! You go!!

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Oh, I didn't think about authors I loved as a child - what a great idea!

  5. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Thanks for the nice comment on Trish's blog *high fives back*

    I looove Audrey Niffenegger too!

  6. Lenore- Wasn't too bad, thanks! I might have to go back again though *eye roll*

    s. krishna- I can't wait to read Unaccustomed Earth either!

    J. Kaye-:D

    bermudaonion- Oh yes! I need to reread Dahl's books soon!

    monica- You are welcome! Did you hear about the new book she is writing? I've forgotten the name, there is a little blurb about it on her website, no idea when it's coming out but it sounds good!!!!


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