Thursday, December 04, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: 5 For Favorites

1. Do you have a favorite author?
No- I like lots of authors! I really don't have one favorite, if I list one I have to list another and if I list another, then another and another and another etc!

2. Have you read everything he or she has written?
Since I don't have a favorite author I'm going to answer this question with an author I've read a lot of. One author I've read almost all of their work is the comic artist/illustrator Adrian Tomine. I think I need to still read his first book 32 stories, I also haven't read the few books he's edited.

3. Did you LIKE everything?
I like all of Adrian Tomine's books and comics I've read.

4. How about a least favorite author?
Not really. One book I rather hated was the Lovely Bones so I probably will never read another book by Alice Sebold.

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?
Sarah Vowell- I haven't given up yet though! I've read part of The Wordy Shipmates and will try it again at a later date and I also have Assassination Vacation to give a try!


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    My answers would be so similar to yours :-)!

  2. I have Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell to try...

  3. I'm finishing Wordy Shipmates sometime soon. It's ok, but not Vowell's best. I personally thought Assassination Vacation was better, and that The Partly Cloudy Patriot was even better than either of the other two. I haven't read her other two books Take the Cannoli or Radio On yet.

  4. Someone else who didn't name a favorite! I'm so glad I'm not alone. Haha!

  5. I have lots of favorite authors, too. I just started listening to Assassination Vacation on audiobook. I think Sarah Vowell is one of those authors (like David Sedaris or Neil Gaiman) who really adds to the story by reading it herself.

  6. Anonymous6:08 AM

    How could anyone pick just one author?

  7. It is hard to pick just one favorite author.
    I have the Lovely Bones in my TBR.

  8. Veens- :D

    S. Krishna- I hope you like it more than me. I got about 80 pages in and realized I hadn't remembered anything i read!

    BookChic- Oh good i'm glad! I guess maybe the concept of Assassination Vacation sounds a bit more interesting to me!

    Literary Feline- It's too hard, no way could I answer... now movies I definitely would have an answer there!

    Jessi- You know I think you are right. I've heard her talk somewhere and it was rather enjoyable!

    bermudaonion- I know, maybe one author per genre, but that still might be pushing it!

    naida- Hopefully you like the Lovely Bones more than me, I pretty much hated it!


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