Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tuesday Thingers!

Most of us book bloggers like to write book reviews- if we don't love to write book reviews- but here's today's question. When it comes to LT (and your blog), do you review every book you read? Do you just review Early Reviewers or ARCs? Do you review only if you like a book, or only if you feel like you have to? How soon after reading do you post your review? Do you post them other places- other social networking sites, Amazon, etc.?

I do review every book I read-now. It all started long long time ago (more than a year ago) when I had this here blog (wasn't really a book blog) and also was a member of LibraryThing's Early Reviewer's program. Back then I only wrote reviews for books I was selected for through the program and posted a few on my blog as well eventually. And then once I decided to join the book blogging community I started posting reviews for all the books I read. If you look at my Read In 2008 sidebar thingy you'll see a lot of the beginning ones don't have reviews. So yes, I review all books I read all the way through currently. 

I usually write my reviews on the weekends and post one Sunday and maybe Monday if I have another one. I do it then because that's when I have the most time. I'm sure sometimes I forget things I wanted to talk about in my reviews- I need to start making notes. 

Right now I post my reviews here, on LibraryThing and Amazon. I was a bit freaked out about posting them on Amazon but I haven't had anything wonky happen over there that I know of. But MAN some of the stories you hear about Amazon. 

How about you? What do you review and where do you post it?


  1. What's happened on Amazon. I'm out of the loop I guess!

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM

    What about Amazon?!
    Well I have reviewed every book I read after September :) And I think I will go on doing that :)

  3. I always add my reviews to Amazon (most of my books are sent from the author or publisher, so I feel I do owe it to them to add my review on there), and if for some reason someone at Amazon doesn't think my review is good enough - oh well! I haven't had any not show up yet though.

    Here's my Thinger!

    :) Wendi

  4. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I review only the books that really stand out to me, since I don't run a book reviewing blog.

  5. I've never had an author write any bad comments about a review I've written on amazon, but maybe some have given me unhelpful votes - who knows? I've never had a review deleted either, but yeah, I've heard enough horror stories that I usually only post on request or if I really want to push an underrepresented book.

  6. Anonymous6:00 AM

    I've heard some Amazon stories, too, but I still post there.

  7. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I only post reviews of Early Review books on LT. I've thought about adding all my reviews on LT or amazon, but I like the idea of having all my reviews exclusively on my blog. :P

  8. I've just started my book blog, so I'm still feeling my way into a pattern.

    I've been posting reviews on the books I really want to talk about. If I like the book, I post to both www.suite101.com and my blog. If I'm not a fan, but want to talk about why, I post on my blog page.

    Then there are other brain-candy books that I read just for fun

  9. I know what you mean about being leary of Amazon!

  10. Amee- Authors and other reviewer's leaving nasty comments on people's reviews. I've heard stuff like author's get a bunch of people to give negative reviews negative ratings... getting reviews taken down. Those sorts of things.

    Veens- See what I told Amee above.

    Wendi B.- I think all of mine have shown up too.

    After The Blackbird Sings- That's a good way to do it!

    Lenore- I like watching to see what kind of helpful or unhelpful votes I get. It's rather entertaining. My review of the Necklace got tons of votes, I think probably because it was the first review to go up!

    bermudaonion- Me too LOL!

    towerofbooks- That is a nice idea!

    TexasRed- I think that's a good way to go about it! And welcoming to the community!

    Melissa- It seems there are new stories of craziness every week!


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