Monday, December 22, 2008

Where My Books Live

So Bermudaonion has asked me a few times about what my TBR pile looks like. I don't really keep my read books separate from my unread books though. But I thought I'd share a few pictures I just took! A mini-tour if you wish.

So I guess this is the closest thing I have to a TBR pile. It's my ARCs and Review Copies (they are all listed here in my ARC Challenge list).

Here's a snapshot of one of the shelves on my YA bookshelf!

Here is my desk bookcase where I keep most of my comics, zines, and tiny art books. 

Here is my closet book stash, yes I said closet! It's the top part of my closet, I keep a lot of fiction and memoirs up here.

Here's part of my main bookcase where I keep a little of everything.

So as you can see, totally not organized. I definitely wish it was better organized and that I had more room! :P

So how about you? Do you have any pictures to share? Where is the weirdest place you keep books?


  1. WOW. I keep my books on my bookshelf, which isn't even half full. Oh but I also keep some books in my closet on the shelf. Why? Because those are books that I never will read, from my younger years, or hated reading. They don't deserve to be thrown away, but I feel like I'm cheating filling up mu bookshelf with books that i'll never want to read again.

  2. That is insane. Lots of books! I need more room for mine...I just have nowhere to put them!
    I have three shelves with books...the bottom one is books I need to review and the top two are books that are just mine that i have yet to read...

    i have a bookcase in my closet that is overflowing. I have a little stand thing, with my lamp on top and that has books everywhere.

    I have boxes of books under my bed. Some are on my c.d. shelf, desk, and random places in my house.

    Like I said, i really need more room. haha


  3. I have two bookshelves that are full, and I have my picture books in a cabinet. I currently have books on my printer and all over my desk in piles because Im trying to find a place to put the books that need to be reviewed and the books that I still need to read. I also noticed that you have some VC Andrews, do you like her books? I have seven of them, which I haven't read yet.

    PS I am jealous of how many books you have.

  4. I would love to convert a closet in my apartment to a book shelving unit. I think that would be great, but where would we put all the other stuff? LOL

    No worries...I think it is more organized than mine...

  5. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Thanks for the post! I can't wait to show your pictures to my hubby, so he can see that I'm not the only one with this addiction. He's always complaining about my stacks.

  6. I have about 500 books on my bookshelves (overflowing) - the rest are in boxes (probably over 1,000 books in boxes). Yep, I have a *lot* of books!

  7. Wow! I guess I am a true Virgo - my books are all perfectly organized in neat piles with the spines all facing the same way. One pile is the read, the other TBR and another one is the to be reviewed pile!

    I think I am a little stock up about my books :)

    Great pictures - thanks for sharing.

  8. I wish my closet shelves were free for books. I have books all over the place, including stacked up on the floor. Thanks so much for look at your books.

    Mine aren't as organized as your are. I do have the 800+ cookbooks in one place, but everything else is just mushed together. However, I can usually find what I'm looking for anyway!

  9. I love that you have books on top of your books. My boyfriend always fusses at me for continuously stacking books on the shelves.

    Weirdest place: Before I got a bookshelf (a gift from my boyfriend), I kept my books in laundry baskets! It was a disastrous mess and I could never find what I was looking for.

    I noticed Lipstick Jungle on your shelf. Have you read this? I was thinking about buying it because I love the show, but hadn't heard much about the book.

  10. Mine is pretty much the same. I don't separate read books from unread books. I try to keep certain shelves like YA, memoirs/non-fiction, children's, etc. But it's a feeble attempt because books from other genres always end up on their shelves. I can't even keep one author's books all together. Someday when I have a house of my own, I'll just create a "den" and buy a couple extra bookshelves so that I can get organized. The weirdest place for me is on the floor. One stack is to read, the other is for trade. If my dvds weren't in my closet, I'm sure I'd keep some books in there too! ;)

  11. Lucky! You have a 3 WILLOWS ARC! So jealous...(;

  12. Yay I've always wanted to see what your book situation set-up was like. Do you know how many books you have?

  13. You may not be "totally" organized, but you have an obvious zest when it comes to choosing books and loving them. I like that about you!!

  14. Weirdest place would have to be under my bed where there are some hidden drawers XD

    drooling over your massive book collection...

  15. You're CRAZY! I have one bookshelf that's almost full where I keep all the books I own, and then I have some wall shelves where I keep a few books that aren't on my bookshelf. And then I have this little shelving cart where I put my library books. I probably don't have more than 100 books. :P Lame, right?

  16. I love pictures of other people's shelves! Thanks for sharing!

  17. How fun to see your book stacks and shelves! I don't have any "weird" book places, unless you count the fact that the top of my piano serves as a bookshelf for cookbooks and music books.

  18. Wow, that's an impressive collection of books!

  19. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I was renting a house with a few other guys, and being all guys, we didn't use the linen closet for spare sheets and such. So we made it into a book closet.

  20. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I've been reading Bermudaonion's Monday posts. My question would be, where do her books live? (lol)

    I totally love this post. :)

  21. Anonymous9:46 PM

    wow! Thats a LOT OF BOOKS :D

  22. I have three bookcases crammed full with books stacked on top of books, and a stack of review copies next to my nightstand (about 20).

    My books are overflowing so much that my husband suggested using an old empty dresser that we have in our bedroom (it's our tv stand, so we kept it in there even though it was empty). I sheepishly opened the drawers and showed him that it was already crammed full, but sorted by subject, of course. There has to be some order to the chaos!

    The one thing I asked my husband for for Christmas? A new bookcase.

  23. omg you need to go to book rehab! I'm not much better. I use the boxes that I get when I take out Italian food to store books under my coffee table. They are regular looking cardboard boxes only slimmer so they fit right under. I will have to take a picture when I get the chance.

  24. I have these fantasies of really organized bookshelves where you can actually tell what the books are on the shelf...but mine look more like yours! :) I almost cried with relief to know I'm not alone.

    I also keep books in my closet and have a huge towering stack next to my bookcase.

  25. Lol. Yours looks so much like mine it's scary...

  26. I'm inviting you all to share your pictures too! Descriptions are great but pictures are even better!!!

    I definitely use some of your tricks as well! Like Amanda, I have a lot of kids books I don't want to get rid of hidden away in all sorts of places and like Shalonda I've been known to keep random crap in a laundry basket! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that uses some closet space for books!

    Zoealea- I haven't read any V.C. Andrews yet but definitely plan to!

    Shalonda- I haven't read Lipstick Jungle yet, I found it for like 25 cents once so I had to get it! I'll be watching for another copy for you!

    Amee- I keep most of my dvds under my desk, somehow it works and there is room for my feet!

    Taren- According to LibraryThing I just passed 1,000 and the psycho thing is I didn't even count my kids books for the most part in that!

    Beth- You are too sweet!

    Yan and sharonanne- I can't wait to see your picture!

    Amy and Ladytink- I'm so glad!

  27. Hey you've got books three and four in the Casteel series if you want to read along with me lol.

  28. Taren- I would.... except I have so many others that I am going to review it's kind of panic mood-ish right now. :(


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