Monday, November 09, 2009

My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book For Drawing, Creating, and Dreaming by Nina Chakrabarti

An interactive coloring book for fashionistas of all ages, My Wonderful World of Fashion is packed with beautiful and sophisticated illustrations specially created by the leading fashion-illustrator Nina Chakrabarti. The book encourages creativity, with illustrations to color in and designs to finish off, as well as simple ideas for making and doing (how to make a sari, turn a napkin into a headscarf, dye a T-shirt, and so on). Covering clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, the illustrations span both vintage fashions—drawing on beautiful and interesting objects from past ages—and contemporary designs from the illustrator's own imagination. 'Did you know...?' features that give brief historical notes encourage children to be inspired by history and by other cultures. A wonderful celebration of fashion, the book will appeal to fashion addicts from 8 years plus.

My Wonderful World of Fashion is flat out awesome. Though it is marketed for children 8 and up I thought it was fabulous. I think anyone interested in sketching, fashion, illustration, patterns or just a cool book to look at for inspiration for drawing would appreciate it. It sure made me want to sit down and draw.

Chakrabarti definitely has a talent for showcasing so much all under the umbrella of fashion. From a brief history of fashion to intricate patterns to giving people the confidence to create their own there is a diverse range of activities in this book. I love how detailed or simple her illustrations can be. They are beautiful and very inspiring.

My one suggestion for this book would be perhaps a different sort of binding that allowed for the book to lay open flat on its own for ease of use. I also think that after awhile the binding might crack. Personally I wouldn't want to make one mark in the book because it is so beautiful on its own but would love to perhaps make a copy of a page so I could complete the activity that way without ruining the book but the binding doesn't really allow for that. Tear out pages would have also been a great idea. The pages are definitely thick enough that they could hold up to coloring.

Overall I am extremely impressed with Chakrabarti's illustrations and ideas and I will definitely be watching to see what she comes up with next.

My Wonderful World of Fashion was released on September 23rd.
Genre: Coloring Book/Illustration
4.5/5 Stars
Review copy provided by Amazon Vine
Nina Chakrabarti website
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  1. Love all things fashion--this looks great.

  2. I would have LOVED this when I was a kid. There's a great website called Designer Bloc for aspiring fashion designers to post their work and get feedback. I don't know why I was reminded of that. I just was. :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful gift option :)

  4. Hi,
    Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
    so i will take this article in my life...
    Thanks for sharing valuable info..


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