Monday, June 28, 2010

BEA 2010: Day 2 - Thursday

Thursday started right on the BEA floor after a breakfast at a local diner where Gail and I were asked if we were high school students that went to J. John (dude, I so wish!).

While everyone raced off to get Clockwork Angel ( I went a bit later) I wandered around for a bit. And then started my day off with some signings at the Harlequin booth.

Other highlights of the day included:

Meeting three of the authors from Trickster a graphic novel of Native American tales.

Meeting Gretchen Rubin the author of the Happiness Project which I just adore!

Finally getting to meet Beth Kephart in person, she's just as sweet in person as she is online!

Also getting to meet Penelope Przekop for the first time in person as well, I really enjoyed her book Aberrations! It was a day of semi-reunions I guess!

Getting a Glee t-shirt promoting the upcoming book, which I've already posted about!

Here's what I picked up that day (click to enlarge):



After shipping our boxes from that day, Gail and I headed downstairs for the Book Blogger Convention Reception. It was a really fun event when I got to meet a lot of people for the first time including Lisa Roe the online publicist, Chelsey and Dina from Big Honcho Media, and author Maria Marnane who's book Perfect on Paper I LOVE! We chatted with a lot of authors and publicists and other industry professionals.

I was given the pictured books (below) by one of the authors there.

Leaving it was sad to see all the BEA signage going down but we went on our way. For dinner we had pizza with Erica from the Book Cellar! I literally had like 6 business cards left so Gail had the great idea for me to try and make some of my own which I did after we bought me some poster board and scissors. I didn't end up needing as many as I made for the next day but it was nice knowing I had some if I needed them. And of course since the trip was coming to an end we had to get Pinkberry one last time!


  1. Holy cow! You got as many books that day as I did the whole trip!

  2. I know I have no idea how that happened! I think the conclusion I've come to is a went to more signings this year!

  3. Holy lots of books! You're not going to need to buy anything for months!

  4. haha i forgot about that guy thinking we were in high school. that was too funny.

  5. I'm SO glad you had such a great time! Look at all those amazing books! I wanted to go badly!

    But, I am also happy to have you back!

    :) Amy

  6. Yes - that's more books than I brought back too!

  7. Wow -- lots of books and soooooo many signed. Very cool.

  8. But you are even sweeter!

  9. Beth is a jewel! I loved meeting her as well. Looks like you got a ton of great books. I hope you are enjoying them.

  10. Hi Alea! It was so great meeting you as well ... and a nice surprise. I can't believe how many books you brought home. I had about ten and could barely carry them all back to the train station.

  11. YAY for getting us more BEA scoop ;)

    Dude, I thought my piles o' books were tremendous. You did a great job connecting.

    I'm so glad you were able to meet up with so many people you wanted to touch base with. I think that is the best part of these types of events.


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