Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hardcover vs Paperback 85

Peace Love and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle




Wealth. Privilege. Way too many pastel-tinted opinions. That is Carly’s life, and . . . It’s. Getting. On. Her. Nerves. Carly is ready to ditch the southern princess act and become real. The thing is, she’s always counted on her little sister, Anna, to love and support her—and tell her how right she is. But when Anna turns “hot” over the course of a single summer, everything goes weird. Suddenly Anna’s swimming in the deep end with the big girls while Carly watches from the kiddie pool, alone. Carly’s always relied on the constancy of her sister, but now everything is different, and she’s not so sure she likes it.

Well, I always thought the hardcover was clever and cute but it's also a little bit immature for the storyline. The paperback might be better at catching the attention of the right audience. We've got the peace and the baby ducks but I'm missing the love here on the paperback.

Hardcover or Paperback?

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  1. I think they're both cute, but the paperback's my fave for sure.

    I love the blue background, and the way I immediately focus on the little duck in the water. I love the complimentary colours in the girl's singlet.

    PLus, I can tell what the title of the book is ;)

    Looks like a fun read

  2. I have the hardback at one of my libraries and just bought the paperback for the other. I like both covers, but they appeal to difference audiences. The first one appeals younger and the second to older, I think.

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I like the paperback. The hardcover seems too plain for my taste.

  4. This is a hard one. I'm absolutely over the moon with the Stargirl-esque hardcover, but I do like the colors on the paperback, especially that little baby duckie. I think I might still go with the hardcover in the end, though.

  5. I love the hardcover but have never bought or read this book because I thought that it'd be too young for my (jaded) teen readers. So, you are totally right-The paperback copy does appeal to an older audience.

  6. Paperback!! :)


  7. While they are both cute I have to say I have loved the hard cover since it was released and I am not sure anything could top it in my opinion

  8. I like the clean, cute white hardback!

  9. I LOVE that hardcover but you're right, it doesn't really scream YA.


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