Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recent Giveaway Winners

The winner of the What is Regency Hat Girl Thinking was Virginia who said:

"As soon as his Lordship looks my way, I'll lower my eyes, blush prettily and then glance shyly in his direction. I only pray that my encouragement will not be intercepted by another! If so, I shall then faint daintily, and his Lordship will act as a gentleman and come to my aid. Wait! Perhaps he would send someone else to assist me...someone totally unacceptable! What if I accidentally tripped someone just as they approach his Lordship? Then he and I could assist the victim together! Aha...there goes someone now...a slight slip of the slipper...he's down! Oh, La! It's his Lordship's father!"

The Louder Than Words winners are:

Set of 3 - Tina
Hannah- Kaitlyn
Alexis- Victoria
Rae- Kelly

The Waxed winner is:


The winner of the Spaceheadz (and Simon & Schuster MG book pack) is:

Julie, I have emailed you, please respond with your full name and mailing address by Friday September 17th to claim your prize!

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