Thursday, February 26, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Collectibles

Hardcover? Or paperback?

Paperbacks for almost everything. The only types of books I prefer hardcovers for are art/design books that have to stand the test of time and me touching me all the time. I pull them out and look at them a lot more than novels so they need to deal with more wear. Besides that, paperbacks all the way. They are so much easier to hold and don't poke you in the hands!

Illustrations? Or just text?

Both! Sometimes individually, sometimes together! I love graphic novels and design books so sometimes you just don't need words!

First editions? Or you don’t care?

Don't really care. Though, I do have an ARC of a book that was pulled from the shelf for plagiarism so that's kind of interesting. Doesn't really have anything to do with the question but yeah...

Signed by the author? Or not?

Signed books are always nice but I still love my un-signed books :)

So, what about you! This was a fun one!


  1. and don't poke you in the hand??? What kind of killer hardcovers do you have?

  2. Me and you need to debate about your choices in paperback vs. hardback :P

  3. i'm like you- i have all kinds of things in my library but i don't go out of my way to collect much.

  4. I agree, paperbacks all the way except for pretty books (design, art & children's).

  5. The ARC of the book that was pulled for plagiarizing--are you talking about Kavya Viswanathan's? I managed to borrow it from a library several months after the scandal surfaced. I'm sure it's worth more now!

  6. I agree about paperbacks. I prefer them. I know people are all "hardbacks are better because they last longer blah blah blah" but they are soo heavy and awkward! lol

  7. Hardback novels make my arms ache if I read them all in one sitting.
    They never poke me though :)

  8. Sharonanne- The corners, you can't hold them without being poked! And you should talk, Miss I Got Cut By A Book :P So funny!

    Yan- Hehe, I think we might have come to a nice little arrangement Miss Yan!

    Marie- Yeah, it just kind of happens hehe.

    Emily- Exactly!

    Steph Su- That's the one! I actually saw a few paperback copies at my library sale, I totally should have bought them, I'm sure someone would want them.

    Amee- Yeah, they must treat their books really bad too. If you are nice to a paperback it will last forever! I hate the how stiff the covers are, I like mine to flex a bit :P

    H- And they are much harder to read laying down!


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