Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Week In Books Or This Is What It Looks Like When I Show Restraint!

Monday: nothing


Crushed by Frances Lynn
It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
The Actual Real Reality of Jennifer James by Gillian Shields
Totally Fabulous by Michelle Radford
Jennifer's Body by Audrey Nixon

Decided Tuesday would be a good day to go to the library!

Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman
Undiscovered Gyrl by Allison Burnett

These are for upcoming blog tours in August! I've already finished Everything Sucks!

Wednesday: nothing




Do-Over by Niki Burnham
Do-Over by Rachel Vail
Leap Day by Wendy Mass
Sunday at Tiffany's by James Patterson

Wow, those 4 books are all I got at the tent sale. Can you believe it! This is what I got last year! This might be the only James Patterson book I've been interested in.

Initiation by Susan Fine
Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin
Lucky Girls by Nell Freudenberger

And this is all I got inside the store. Usually I at least get like 5 clearance books! I'm so proud of myself! I've had Dear Diary on my wishlist for at least 2 years, so was excited to fit it half price! Stopped by another used bookstore but didn't get anything!


  1. When you finish Sundays at Tiffany, let me know what you think. I'm curious.

  2. Wow, I was expecting tons more since you said you were going to a tent sale! You showed awesome restraint. More than I probably would have. :P

  3. Wow you got a lot less than you usually got, but you still got quite a lot of books. Where do you find the time to read them all? Enjoy.

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I hope you enjoy It's Kind of a Funny Story...I did. :P

  5. You are so funny! If I bought seven books at one time my husband would call it anything but restraint.

  6. Your "restraint" is admirable...(*giggle)

    Nice haul!!

  7. I have my review for Sundays at Tiffanys over on my blog, The Hiding Spot, if you want to check it out once you read it. It is the the only Patterson book I've read, but I really want to check out the Maximum Ride books - I have the first two but haven't read them.

    Happy Reading!

  8. Oooh, Everything Sucks. That's one I want to read.

  9. OMG! By Alea standards, that is positively spartan! *pat pat* there, there. It's okay.

    And ooooh I picked up Sundays at Tiffany's too... how random. That and Suzanne's Diary of Nicholas. They both sounded strangely un-James Patterson so I got curious. Tell me when you're done with SaT

  10. Even when you show restraint, you manage to get some great books!

  11. Cool! I like what you got even after you showed restraint!

    Mondays: Musings/Whereabouts

  12. You did a great job showing restraint! When I order books I will have a cart full, then go in and eliminate the ones that I can hold out for then go back and add some more and this process goes on for about 2hrs. This is 1 of the reasons I'm getting new office furniture b/c I don't have any more space to store my books, they are living in my utility room right now b/c all of my bookshelves are overflowing! LOL! Hubby got tired of tripping over books and said "It's time to find you another place to store your books, b/c if I break my leg, then you will have to take care of me and you won't have time to read your books." I cleaned that utility room in record time to say the least. LOL!

  13. That's still a lot of books! :P Hope you enjoy them.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  14. Wow! I am impressed at the restraint you showed at the tent sale. I had no will power at my friends of the library book sale and Half Priced book buying binge.

  15. I really want to read Jennifer's Body, especially after hearing that the movie is coming out soon.


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