Saturday, July 18, 2009

One of My Many Quirks or Why TV on DVD makes me giddy!

So ever since tv shows have been released on dvd, every summer I get insanely excited when all the tv shows start popping up in dvd form for pre-order on Amazon. There is something about seeing the image and design that they pick for the dvd, to represent a whole tv show and a whole season that gets me really excited. I also love to see how they change from season to season, what remains the same, what changes. The same could be said for the advertising campaigns for Fall Primetime and tv show season premieres in general! I really can't explain this weird obsession so it probably makes no sense...

This is totally my inner design nerd coming out once again. And what's weird is, yeah it's exciting for tv shows I love (shown below) but also for tv shows I don't even really care for, or ones I've never heard of. I just loooove seeing what they decide to do with the covers. So just a few days ago I was poking around on Amazon and found a whole bunch of these new tv on dvd covers for seasons releasing in the Fall. Oh boy did I go NUTS! Squealing and clapping, yes I'm that easily pleased. So I thought I would share what I am currently in love with and will eventually buy when these all go into my chosen price range of under $25! And these are only the ones I plan to buy so far and a few of them I haven't even seen but I just know they are going to be good!!

Gossip Girl Season 2 (August 18th)
I missed most of the season, was busy watching TBBT and HIMYM, but I really liked the first season so this I will buy!

Flight of the Concords Season 2 (August 4th)
The first season was hilarious, so there is no reason this one shouldn't be either!

The Big Bang Theory Season 2 (September 15th)
If you aren't watching The Big Bang Theory I'm not sure if we can be friends! :P

Pushing Daisies Season 2 (July 21st)
I'm so so angry this got cancelled, SO ANGRY!

Ugly Betty Season 3 (September 22nd)
This reminds me, I still need to see the last few episodes of this season!

The IT Crowd Season 3 (September 15th)
The first two seasons had me in tears from laughing so much!

Mad Men Season 2
This is already out but I'm listing it anyways!

90210 Season 1 (August 11th)
I want to make a bet right now, next year they won't be in a pool, but what will they be doing?

I could go on and on but you get the idea! I'm nuts!


  1. Wanna know something cool? (Nothing ever is exciting in my life so let me enjoy this!) I used to babysit one of the assistant producer's neices of "How I Met Your Mother". And you know the town where The Office is set in? Scranton, PA? I live here. Cool huh? Well... I live 15 minutes away from Scranton. Same thing though right? Oh and I guess The Office was looking for takeout menus to use in the show. Some kids from the place where I work sent our takeout menu in and the lady said that it will most likely be on The Office. The place where I work is the oldest diner in town and EVERYONE knows about it haha. Cool huh?


  2. That is totally cool!!!! Don't they have a celebration in Scranton every year where people go to freak out about the Office and cast members go too? Yay! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I downloaded the first episode of Big Bang Theory when it was free on iTunes a few years ago, and I really didn't like it. It made me not want to watch the rest of the series, but now I keep hearing all these great things about it (lord knows, all my geek friends love it, and I usually trust their judgment). What was your opinion? Did it take you a few episode to get into it?

  4. Jessi- I can't really remember what my first impression of the show was. I remember not thinking it would be nearly as good as it was and it's GREAT. And it just keeps one upping itself. It's hilarious!

  5. I am so excited for the second season of TBBT. I don't watch it on tv, but choose to wait until its out on DVD to watch it straight through. It's hilarious, and the cast has amazing chemistry.

  6. Jenna- You are going to love Season 2, they take everything to the next level. It's just hilarious! At one point I was standing by my bed watching and actually fell on to my bed because what Sheldon did was so hilarious!

  7. I still haven't watched my Pushing Daisies first season...

    When I go to the states in August I'm definitely splurging on Flight of the Conchordes season 2 and Dexter season 3.

  8. I never did get into Flight of the Concords -- just not for me.

    Currently, we are working our way through some BBC and Australian TV shows on DVD and then we'll be back to LOST season 3.

  9. I LOVE DVD box sets, too! I should be getting HIMYM for Christmas from my husband's best friend - it's become a tradition and I'll be sad if I don't get it. Especially since we'd been watching Chuck all year and missed HIMYM as it was on at the same time.

    You must already know if this site, but in case you don't I LOVE it and I am always scanning it for shows I loved as a kid (I have Jem and She-Ra, Darkwing Duck.. etc). I have to go there now I think. Ha!

  10. Well, I haven't heard about that actually. That would be pretty awesome though. I don't actually watch The Office ... and I would like to but I'm afraid that if I watch an episode now, that I won't be caught up with everything. People tell me I'll be fine but Idk. Next time that I see it's on I'll probably watch it. I really love Steve Carrel haha.


  11. Lenore- I'm definitely excited for Dexter Season 3!

    Beth F- Oh that makes me sad!!!!!! I love Flight of the Concords!

    Cat- I didn't know about that site, thanks!

    Briana- This is the convention: I actually tried watching the first episode when it aired, didn't really like it and then a few years later probably third season I started over again, fell in love with it and caught up really quickly and now I watch it as it airs. You should go for it!

  12. Great picks! But curses, someone beat me to it. I was gonna tell you about lol. I go there like every day. You can get email updates about your favorite shows. That's how I know that Daria (an old MTV show from late 90s) is supposed to FINALLY come out on DVD next year!! It's seriously the best site ever if you love TV on DVD.

  13. I love tv on dvd. I don't really buy movies anymore, just tv shows! lol

  14. Pushing Daisies should never have been cancelled! I don't know who made that ridiculous decision, but it was a bad one.

    I like watching TV shows on DVD. No commercials! I recently watched the whole series of Moonlight (lots of fun for vampire fans) and I'm working through the first season of True Blood. After that, maybe I'll have to see if I can get my hands on The Big Bang Theory. I've only caught a few episodes on TV, but they're absolutely hilarious.

  15. I love so many of those...

    Do you watch Supernatural? My boyfriend and I are addicted to that show...

  16. Ha ha.... I like How I met Your Mother.... Gilmore Girls - now that is one to get all the seasons too!

    As far as the new 90201, I suspect the next cover would be of them in a group together standing.... I am picturing something like The Friends DVD's... all together either holding hands or close like that :)

  17. I love How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang!

  18. So many TV series to collect, so little time! Chuck and The Big Bang Theory top my list.

  19. Thanks for posting the cover of GG season 2! I'll be buying it for Chuck Bass alone. ;)

    And I love more than words can express (and already own naturally!) the cover of Pushing Daisies S2


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