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Pretty Little Liars Secret Keepers Game Recap

So as some of you know, from the end of May until mid-June I was part of the ABC Family Pretty Little Liars Secret Keepers Game. They invited me to participate, sent me a iphone free of charge to play the game on (which I still get to keep now that the game is over) and the fun began.

I thought it would be fun to recap all my challenges for those of you that were interested to see what kinds of tasks I had to complete! I also didn't post a lot of pictures originally so I'm going to share some more here, I thought the game materials came packaged extremely creatively. The phone, phone accessories and secret object came in this really cute box, but the box also contained dirt so I had to dig the contents out!

Ok onto the actual game, I played as Hanna. And all of my challenges came via text message to my iphone from A. I actually started the game a few days after everyone else since I was at BEA, so I didn't technically play the first 2 challenges, though I did end up doing them anyways! One really tricky thing was I was never sure how much time I had to complete a challenge so I tried to do so ASAP. Sometimes A would post hints or updates on her facebook page but it wasn't every time!


May 25th 4:59 PM

Hanna! You took your mother’s necklace and lost it at a party. I suggest you replace it before she finds out it’s missing. You know the one I’m talking about, you took a photo of it. Lucky for you, I saw one just like it on Craigslist, Philly. Maybe you should find it and send an email asking how many carats it is. In fact, you definitely should. Otherwise, I tell everyone.

This was definitely one of the hardest challenges, I looked around on Craiglist and couldn't find anything so enlisted the help of Gail who's friend was able to find it apparently in a few minutes! I wish I was that good!


May 27th 2:59 PM

Oh, Hanna. You are so desperate to be me that you think the hottest guy at school is into you. Fat chance. The only person you got a Valentine from last year was your own mother! I’m sure your friends would love to see it - didn’t you take a picture of it? Find it and share it with our facebook group or I’ll let them know your ego is as big as your old dress size.

So this one was simple enough, once I figured out how to access Facebook on the iphone, I posted the photo (which was on my phone) to my own facebook wall, pulled it on my desktop and posted it to the group. Done and done. Since I wasn't actually playing during challenges 1 and 2 I never heard back if I passed them, let's just say I did! :P


May 30th 9:14 PM

I know how you got your hands on that math final Hanna. Flirting with seniors sure can be rewarding, huh? Now you have to pass my math test. Take the number of PLL twitter followers and subtract the number of tweets. Multiply that number by the premiere date (hint: mm/dd/yy) and text me back the answer. Otherwise, I talk.

Honestly if I hadn't asked for a few opinions before submitting my answer I would have gotten it wrong! I decided to add up the month, date, and year for some stupid reason and was told by everyone that was not correct, so luckily I listened to them! Since this is when I officially started playing A responded back to let me know that I passed the challenge, see my answer below.

May 30th 9:47 PM

109518810. Twitter followers keep increasing.


May 31st 8:33 AM

Hanna - A+ on your math skills. You didn’t need to cheat on that final... clearly you do have a brain after all. Your dirty little secret is safe with me.


June 1st 4:09 PM

Seems like you’re not a fan of mommy’s new boyfriend. Why don’t I help you break them up? Make her think he’s cheating. Send her flowers from him, but put the wrong woman’s name on the card. Remember Hanna: no flowers, no secret.

So here the actual phone comes into play. After confirming with several people over a few names (I hadn't read the books at this point) I wrote myself several scripts and called and left a message for the flower shop, which I found the number for in my phone. You could totally tell I was nervous and reading from my script but luckily, I passed!


June 3rd 10:21 AM

What a beautiful bouquet your mom got... too bad she threw them in the trash. I’m guessing Officer Wilden won’t be around much longer. Nice work - my lips are sealed.


June 3rd 11:03 AM

You steal fashion magazines from the store every month and flirt your way out of it. Maybe your friends will help you get out of this one. Get 13 of them to submit stories about how they’ve used flirting to get out of trouble and write them in the message board on http://abcfamily.go.com/shows/pretty-little-liars. Have them write your name somewhere so that you get the credit you deserve.

Oh boy this one was hard. If you follow me on twitter you probably remember me annoying and begging everyone to help me out with this. Luckily you all came through, I shut up on twitter and passed the challenge! You can see the message board here.


June 5th 6:30 PM

What’s up, Hanna? Let me guess - your dress size! Now that you’ve lied, everyone thinks your two sizes smaller than you really are. I’d hate for everyone to think you’re a big fat liar so let’s try this: plan an ugly outfit on polyvore and share the link with our facebook group - let them know it’s your new style or I’ll share your not-so-little-secret.

This one was simple and a lot of fun. Though since I couldn't admit that I was intentionally making an ugly outfit, my aunt apparently actually started questioning my sanity when she saw it on Facebook, which I thought was hilarious! You can see what I cooked up here.
Over the weekend A kept us guessing as to if we passed challenges 5 and 6 but finally she responded!


June 7th 1:04 PM

Hey Hanna. Since you managed to get your friends to fess up to their flirty ways, I’ll keep this secret on the down low - at least for now.


June 8th 4:04 PM

Hanna, that outfit on polyvore was so hideous, well done, I’ll keep your BIG secret - but people aren’t blind; they won’t be able to ignore the size of your lies for much longer.

A also checked in to make sure we remembered Pretty Little Liars was premiering that night, I had a feeling that the premiere would be part of a challenge and boy was I right!

Hello darlings. Just wanted to remind you all to watch the premiere of Pretty Little Liars tonight at 8/7 c on the ABCFamily cable channel - like you could forget! I know it’s weird to watch yourself on TV, but this is one show you don’t want to miss.


June 8th 6:14 PM

Ok Hanna, remember that box I sent you? Well, besides the phone, you should have found a little something extra inside. An object. Before it was in your hands, it was here in Rosewood. Your mission is to watch the premiere tonight and tell me what scene you think it could have been from. This one can be tricky so I suggest you have your readers watching out for it too.

Dear god was this a hard challenge. My object was a little vile of red glitter, which I had kept secret until that point. I actually interpreted the challenge a bit differently than A and first submitted this answer:

June 8th 9:10 PM

The vile of red glitter could have been from the scene when Emily goes to Maya’s house for the first time and sees Ali’s things on the curb. It’s in the boxes of Ali’s things!

And then I happened to check A's facebook page and saw this message:

Your exact object won't be in the show, because obviously I had to shrink some down to size to fit them in your boxes. So don't get to worked up about that. Just remember who you are, and that your objects correspond to that.


I freaked out because I figured, well there, I finally failed one. But I couldn't let it go so I rewatched all the Hanna parts of the premiere, crossed my fingers I had gotten it right this time, and that it would count and submitted this:

June 8th 9:54 PM

Since you are changing your tune and saying it has to correspond to me Hanna. My real answer is the Rosewood Mall Scene and my red glittery nails!

I immediately heard back, which was a relief, but did she mean I had nailed it, or that she was going to accept my second answer... only time would tell!


Nice save Hanna.


I guess nail polish doesn’t go through the mail well. You almost got me that time A.

And instead of finding out if I passed or not I got another challenge, oh the agony!


June 10th 2:57 PM

Your mom and dad didn’t just grow apart did they? He left you both. You might as well just keep the lie going. Write an article about father’s day on your blog/site and post the link to our facebook group. If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone Daddy’s found a new little girl.

After consulting a few people including Pretty Little Liars expert Khy, you can see what I posted on my blog here.


June 14th 10:14 AM

I'm surprised you managed to pull that off. I had that object pretty hidden... at least I thought so. I guess I'll have to keep your secrets safe just a little while longer.


June 14th 3:59 PM

I have to admit, even I enjoyed your article. In exchange for that bit of entertainment, I’ll keep your secret.


June 15th 3:59 PM

Hanna, guess what? The end is near! Not the end of the world - the end of our time together. But before you complete the game, I need you to complete this sentence. Here’s the first part: “Maybe you still think of me as just a friend...” The only way to figure out the second part is to watch tonight’s show.

This wasn't too bad, I just watched Episode 2 with a notepad and wrote my quote down. Done and done, here is what I submitted:

June 15th 9:13 PM

The second part is ... the girl I used to be. Said by Hanna to Sean. Then he kisses her and asks do you kiss your friends like that?


June 18th 2:36 PM

Excellent work, Hanna. You can't tell from this text, but I'm beaming. You kept at least 80% of your secrets so now I'm keeping my end of the bargain. As a reward for your good behavior, I am going to let you ask Ashley Benson one question. Start thinking and make it a good one. My people will be contacting you soon via email. Remember, I still know everything.

So yay, looks like I did pretty good! In fact I did so good, I never even got to find out what secrets A had on me, I kinda wish I knew... anyhow, I submitted my question to Ashley Benson, the actress that plays Hanna. I haven't heard back yet but I will be sure to post about it when I do!

I was sad when the game came to an end, I had a TON of fun playing! Hearing from some of the other players that played different characters it seemed like our challenges were similar but different. Others also had to make phone calls and post things to the message boards for different reasons. I'm highly impressed that ABC Family pulled this off and so smoothly too, they did a wonderful job creating something highly original and interactive, I personally find it unforgettable.

So there you have it, the Pretty Little Liars Secret Keeper Game. But my PLL obsession doesn't end there. The morning the show premiered I finished the first book (I had held onto that for like 4 years!) and went onto finish the rest of the books in about 2 weeks. I will have reviews of the whole book series throughout the summer, the first 3 are already up, see the first here. If you like the tv show I would DEFINITELY suggest the books!

Also, fellow PLL fans Khy and Carol and I are doing chat posts about all of the episodes so be sure to check those out this summer as well! You can find part of each chat on each of our blogs, here is the latest for episode 3 and 4.

Hope you enjoyed!

Photos credit of ABCFamily.com (and me)


  1. that is so great.....i have been waiting for this post for what seems ike forever and im glad you enjoyed the challenge

    I cant wait to recieve my books

  2. I had fun too! She only spilled onc of my secrets so I thought I would be able to ask a question still because originally it 2as 8-10 secrets kept then you were all good but nope. :( It was exciting tho and definitely interesting. I just wish I got an iphone!! I got the droid which is no use to me lol!

    Glad you had fun! Can't wait to see your post about the interview question! :)

  3. Wow this sounds like bunches of fun! I love PLL, it's awesome that they did this :)

  4. How fun! I loved the box and all that came with it. It sounds like you had a great time. Props to ABC Family for pulling that off!

  5. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Glad you guys liked the post :)


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