Saturday, January 01, 2011

Read in 2010

This is the list that was on my sidebar showing the books I read in 2010 and linking to my reviews! As I'm sure some of you noticed my reading slowed down majorly this year but I still managed to come up just a few shy of 100!

1. Wet Friend! (Meno)
2. Boys, Girls and Other Hazardous Materials
3. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake
4. Nine Ways to Disappear
5. Wish
6. Beautiful
7. Talk Me Down
8. Fireworks over Toccoa
9. In A Heartbeat
10. Start Me Up
11. Vision In White
12. A Novel Idea
13. The Life of Glass
14. Lead Me On
15. The Unwritten Rule
16. Snapped
17. This Book Is Overdue
18. Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies
19. The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle
20. Just the Sexiest Man Alive
21. Impetuous
22. Something About You
23. My First New York
24. Proof by Seduction
25. His Little Black Book
26. Noonie's Masterpiece
27. Balancing Acts
28. Before I Fall
29. Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts
30. Crochet (Klutz)
31. The Popularity Papers
32. Laid
33. Slow Hands
34. Get Lucky
35. Party
36. Swoon At Your Own Risk
37. New Brighton Archeological Society: Book One The Castle of Galomar
38. Something Like Fate
39. Ten Things I Love About You
40. Amigurumi World
41. Amigurumi Two!
42. Naughty Bits 2
43. Rapunzel
44. Cinderella
45. College in a Nutskull
46. The Book of Awesome
47. A Lady Never Tells
48. Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures
49. One Dance with a Duke
50. Kiss It
51. Alison Dare: The Heart of the Maiden
52. Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not So Popular Party Girl
53. Pretty Little Liars
54. The Summer of Skinny Dipping
55. Flawless
56. The Education of Bet
57. Perfect
58. Unbelievable
59. Wicked
60. Killer
61. Heartless
62. Wanted
63. Leaving Unknown
64. Twice Tempted by a Rogue
65. Just Like Me, Only Better
66. All I Ever Wanted
67. Tweet Heart
68. Forget You
69. Stay70. Fortune
71. Crush On You
72. Hush, Hush
73. And One More Thing...
74. Girl Parts
75. MacKenzie Blue
76. Hannah
77. Three Nights with a Scoundrel
78. Wicked Intentions
79. Glee: The Beginning
80. Turning Japanese (Degrassi: TNG #1)
81. Suddenly Last Summer (Degrassi: TNG #2)
82. Waxed
83. Missing You (Degrassi: TNG #3)
84. Safety Dance (Degrassi: TNG #4)
85. The Aristobrats
86. Low Red Moon
87. Drinking at the Movies
88. Don't Stop Believin' The Unofficial Guide to Glee
89. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
90. iDrakula
91. The DUFF
92. Peanut Butter & Jeremy's Best Book Ever
93. The Fart Party Vol 2
94. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
95. The Icing on the Cake
96. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off
97. Goodnight, Tweetheart
98. Knitting Rules


  1. You had a fantastic year! Here's to hoping you do the amount of reading and crafting you want to do for 2011. :)

  2. Wow great year. I *know* your 2011 is already great -- hope to see your knitting and reading progress.

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I read a few of these and the other titles are tempting.

    Happy reading!

    Have a great New Year.

  4. Michelle and Beth F- Thank you! I didn't read a lot this fall/winter but I guess I read enough before that to make it look like I read a lot!

    Medeia Sharif- Happy New Year!

  5. Wow...great list. You more than doubled me. Thanks for sharing your reviews on these. They're a lot of fun to read.


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